Activities 2022/2023

2022October, 6thBest Dissertation Winner Q&AWebinar
2022November, 16thAn Introduction to Simulation for IB ResearchWebinarClick here
2022November, 24th-26thMultilevel theory and modellingMethods workshop at AIB Oceania (chapter)Click here
2023March, 3rdSocial Network AnalysisWebinar Click here
2023April 19thQCAWebinar
2023April, 14th-15th Case selectionMethods workshop at AIB UK&I (chapter)
2023May, TBCORM tie-in – Feature topic – Rigorous and impactful literature reviewsWebinar
2023June, TBCExperimental DesignWebinar
2023July, 5thMaster classes & WorkshopsPre-Conference
2023July, 7th-9thClinics & PanelsMain Conference