Panel sessions

Since 2016, the RM-SIG has sponsored panel sessions at AIB annual meeting in order to advance discussion of important methodological issues. A list of panel topics is available here.

AIB Online 2021

Charting the Future of Research Methods in International Business: a Panel discussion

Chair: Donald Berght (University of Denver)

Research methodology in international business is experiencing increasing scrutiny and evaluation. The panelists will extend this conversation by providing their views of current methodological practices and visions for future applications. Discussion among the panelists, and with audience members, will be wide-ranging, spanning quantitative and qualitative approaches. Come prepared to discuss the future of research methods in international business.


  • Herman Aguinis, George Washington University
  • Jose Molina Azorin, University of Alicante
  • Bo Nielsen, University of Sydney
  • Alain Verbeke, University of Calgary
  • Catherine Welch, University of Sydney
  • Donald Berghm, Workshop Chair; University of Denver

AIB Online 2020

Improving the Transparency of Your Research: What it Means for You and Why You Should Care

Chair: Agnieszka Chidlow


  • Klaus Meyer, Ivey Business School
  • Bob Vandenberg, University of Georgia and CARMA Fellow
  • Catherine Welch, University of Sydney
  • Larry Williams, Texas Tech University and CARMA Director

Copenhagen 2019

Future Research in Cross-Cultural Management: Which Methods and Approaches Should We Be Using?

Chairs: Joyce Osland, San Jose State University, Betina Szkudlarek, University of Sydney

Discussant: Dan Caprar, University of Sydney


  • Fiona Moore, Royal Holloway, University of London
  • Anne-Marie Søderberg, Copenhagen Business School
  • Rebecca Piekkari, Aalto University
  • Catherine Welch, University of Sydney
  • Laurence Romani, Stockholm School of Economics

Minneapolis 2018

Multi-level Issues in IB Research: Theory, Methods and Empirics

Chairs: Bo Bernhard Nielsen, University of Sydney and Torben Pedersen, Bocconi University


  • Robert J. Vandenberg, University of Georgia
  • Mark F. Peterson, Florida Atlantic University
  • Shige Makino, Chinese University of Hong Kong

Dubai 2017

The Power of Constructive Reviews and Ways to Improve the Review Process

Chairs: Ilya Cuypers, Singapore Management University and Bo Nielsen, University of Sydney


  • Ilya Cuypers, Singapore Management University
  • Bo Nielsen, University of Sydney
  • Sjoerd Beugelsdijk, University of Groningen
  • Gokhan Ertug, Singapore Management University

New Orleans 2016

Myth-Busting and Institutional Change: How to Achieve a More Innovative Future for Research Methodology in IB

Chair: Bo Nielsen


  • Rebecca Reuber
  • Robert J. Vandenberg
  • Catherine Welch